Conquer adversity, shine in the light of challenges, find inner motivation: these are several strings to Joannie’s bow, and some of the enticing topics than may be ad-dressed in guest speaking.

Frequently invited to guest speak in corporate retreats or for professional associations of all kinds, Joannie Rochette shares her journey, her story and her successes through obstacles.

Articulate and engaging, she seamlessly adapts her speech to the organizers’ subject focus and for the benefit of the targeted participants. Her authentic approach truly captures her audience’s attention.

Teamwork, motivation, perseverance, perfectionism, leadership, healthy life habits and nutrition, sports benefits, training power, healthy competitiveness and diversity… Joannie has lived them all and inspires when talking far and wide of these matters.

Her seminars enliven and inflame a call to perseverance and success, tailoring to any “team-building” approach or to the continuing education of staff.

Joannie has been on WeDay’s main stage, she has held a distinguishing conference in collaboration with an Ottawa University Doctor-Professor and has guest spoken in front of fired-up CanFitPro participants.

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May the Show Begin! In Major World Stadiums and Local Arenas.

Joannie has performed on the Stars On Ice tour, alongside her peers of world champions and Olympians, for 12 years and counting. She comments: “It is so fun to skate pressure-less and rule-free! It is the most liberating feeling!”

By invitation of teams across the province, for their end-of-the-year shows, Joannie seizes the opportunity to skate amongst emerging talents and enjoys being a part of these character-shaping experiences in the lives of young skaters.

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Pay It Forward: Training Rising Talents Through Perfection Seminars.

As the first Canadian female skater to win the novice, junior and senior championships after hitting gold at the senior level in 2005, Joannie Rochette knows what it takes to reach goals and evolve in sport.

Her career showcased a consistent ascension, both technical and artistic, leading her to the ultimate accomplishment in an athlete’s career: Obtaining a coveted Olympic medal.

Paying it forward, she now shares her know-how with Canadian talented and emerging skaters by offering perfection seminars to aspiring athletes and travels to their teams’ arenas across Quebec.

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Teaming Up on Campaigns with Similar Value-Driven Partners.

Knowing how to discern business opportunities that are in tune with her strong values and positive image, Joannie teams up, for a campaign, a contest, a launch or an event, to products, brands and companies whose DNAs rhyme with hers!

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