Joannie Rochette
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01/16/2011Sale of paintings will support heart health

14/12/2010 Rochette is female athlete of the year

26/10/2010 Rochette honours mother’s memory

22/10/2010 Time slowly mends Rochette’s wounds

18/10/2010 Joannie Rochette teams up with BIRKS

10/06/2010 Rochette helps ready racers

10/06/2010 Rochette unsure about skating future

26/04/2010 Canadian skater Rochette talks about her mother

22/04/2010 Shining Stars

08/04/2010 Rochette to honour mother in skate program

05/04/2010 Rochette ranks on Time poll

03/04/2010 Canada’s Joannie Rochette will decide competitive future later this summer

18/02/2010 Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette thinks gold

29/03/2010 For now, the ice calls Joannie Rochette

10/02/2010 Skater Rochette aims for redemption in Vancouver

08/02/2010 Joannie Rochette ready to go for Olympic gold

05/02/2010 Rochette goes back to future

05/02/2010 Figure skaters focus on final touches

04/02/2010 Rochette has new confidence heading to Games

03/02/2010 Hoping that all goes to plan

27/01/2010 Interview with Joannie Rochette

18/01/2010 Young, gifted figure skating squad setting the bar high

18/01/2010 Rochette rallies to win sixth straight skating crown

17/01/2010 Rochette’s bumpy Vancouver journey smoothing out

16/01/2010 Rochette wins 6th straight Canadian title

16/01/2010 Joannie Rochette in Games shape

16/01/2010 Joannie Rochette wins women’s title

16/01/2010 Rochette issues Olympic edict

15/01/2010 Rochette trails Phaneuf after short program

07/01/2010 Bell unveils the ultimate fan zone at the Epicentre of the 2010 Winter Games

04/01/2010 Rochette ready for Olympics

02/01/2010 Fully Focused – Shae-Lynn Bourne
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