It was during the Vancouver Olympic Games in 2010 that millions of viewers stood in awe, riveted to their TV screens, as Joannie Rochette shined on the ice.

Determined, powerful and admirable in the face of adversity, in utter shock of her mother’s tragic death, she skated with poise. With perfectionism and elegance, Joannie went on to seize the bronze medal, and enchant a nation.

Joannie, who had laced her first pair of skates at age 2, was crowned Female Athlete of the Year by the Canadian Press and Co-Recipient of the Terry Fox Award at 24 years old.

On the ice, the Olympian skates at either end of the spectrum: from headlining grand-scale skating shows worldwide to performing with and for skating teams that invite her across the province. She also gives seminars to young skaters wishing to perfect their skills and follow her  example on the ice.

On the business side, Joannie has been studying Medicine since 2015 at McGill University and is a regular keynote speaker for various events. She is often called upon as a spokesperson for a campaign, an event or a PR operation and gladly accepts when brands and corporate values align with her own.

A positive role model for the generation that follows, she uses her voice actively, gets involved in International Development NGOs and visits countries that are positively affected by change.